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CLD160S Bulldozer


1. CLD160S bulldozer is suitable for land reclamation, beach development, mariculture and other industrial operations.

2. With the ground pressure of the only 28kPa on average, the super wetland bulldozer can be applied in swamp, cohesive soil and the ground with high water content. If equipped with a sanitation type blade, it can operate in a landfill.

3. This machine is designed with a high-capacity bulldozer blade, an ergonomically designed control system and a hexagonal cab with a superb viewing angle etc. It can be optionally installed with a roll-over protection system and an air-conditioning system. This product is characterised with reasonable structure, excellent performance and easy operation, thus being extremely cost-effective.
4. Its main parts are made by adoption of industrially advanced technologies for convenient maintenance.

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